Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Use of Facebook in organisations. Nobody dares to suggest it?

I just want to share this experience I had with you guys today.

I was at a meeting together with students and staff at my university. We discussed several topics. One topic that we had up was how to get students and staff to be more social together. People were throwing out the standard ideas like hosting a BBQ, A round at the pub and stuff like that.

A person suddenly said Facebook. Not the sentence "We could try out Faceboook". Just the word Facebook. Before the person had completed the word Facebook several people shouted out "GREAT IDEA!". And by people I do not mean just students, staff was embracing the idea as well.

After this was mentioned staff and students told about their Facebook success stories. One of the staff did also mention how other organisations were using it.

My big question when I left the meeting was: Why did nobody pose the idea earlier? Both students and staff seem to have background information as well as knowledge about it.

Is it hard to accept that Facebook actually can be a good thing inside organisations? Are we scared to post bold ideas ?

At least in this meeting it was one brave person spoke up with the idea.

The idea is posted "up the system" to higher level management. I will post back when something happens in this case.

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