Friday, May 2, 2008

The art of copying.. China is damn good at it

According to, have raised a extreme 430 mill USD. calles them self "Facebook of China". The thing that is amazing is how looks. It is a total Facebook design copy. Layout, colors, icons everything.

No need for innovation in China since it is common to copy others I guess? I have also felt the "copy culture" in my university. People from China is really good at it. Some students in my uni buy research reports in Chinese universities and then translate them into English. By this they pass plagiarism software like The software does not take into account things that have been translated.

Another thing is that if China does not start coming up with new ideas it will always stay as the country that everybody will outsource to. Economic research shows that the companies that comes up with new ideas are the winners in terms of revenue.

China will not grow on production based industry forever. If they want to grow they have to start innovating and creating new products

Is it okay to copy others? Will China be at the stage where they are today in 20 years? Is it time to stop copying and start innovating?

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