Friday, May 9, 2008

I have added a license for my work

As some of you may have discovered I have added a license to the right. Some of you now may think "This Santani guy will now be Microsoft of the blogging world. ".. No.. You are very wrong actually.

The creative commons License that I have chosen gives you as a person loads of freedom actually.

You can
- Share -> copy, distribute and transmit my work
- Remix -> You can adopt my work

But if you do. You have to:

attribute my work. E.g. Say that I am the author of it in some way.

And you have to share alike. This is the best part. If you rewrite my stuff you have to share it with the same license or a similar one.

I am a firm believer of sharing and collaboration over the internet. So use my work, rewrite it, develop it more or whatever. As long as you share it with others I am happy.

If you choose to rewrite some of my stuff and publish it. Please tell me :-) Maybe I can further improve your writing again :-)

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